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We’ll Have What You Need

At D6 Diesel Tech & Tire, we understand just how essential the tires are to your vehicle. It’s why you’re able to keep traction on the road in inclimate weather and rough terrain while maintaining the performance of your vehicle. At our shop, we want to make sure your vehicle is equipped with the best tires, and it’s why we take pride in being one of the trusted commercial tire vendors in Nixa, Missouri. We’ve partnered with established brands like Goodyear and Hercules to ensure you have a full selection of tires at your fingertips. Chat with our team and visit our shop to see how we can equip your vehicle with the quality tires it deserves!

What Do You Need?

When looking for new tires, it’s not best practice to pick-up the first or cheapest set you see. There are factors that you need to think about, as selecting the wrong tires for your vehicle could negatively affect its performance. If you’re in the market for a new set of tires, make sure you keep these things in mind!

Think About Performance

Although this may seem like a throwaway statement, it’s something that many people may not think about. What’s your driving style? What kind of vehicle do you own? When looking for new tires, it’s crucial to think about the performance of your vehicle and what you’re trying to get out of it. If you’re not sure, speak with one of our professionals; they’ll happily help find the right tires for your vehicle and its performance.

What’s Your Location?

When looking for new tires, it’s important to think about your driving conditions. Are you in an area where the weather is mild all year long? Are you in a location that rains a lot? Or maybe it sees a lot of snow during the winter? There are tires designed to help navigate these challenges while maintaining proper performance from your vehicle. Not only will having the wrong tires negatively affect vehicle performance, but it could potentially place you in dangerous situations!

See Our Selection!

As the first point of contact with the road, your tires play a vital role in the performance, control, and safety of your vehicle. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with the best tires for its model by reaching out to D6 Diesel Tech & Tire, the trusted commercial vendor in Nixa, Missouri. As partners of Goodyear and Hercules, we come stocked with all the tire brands and models available so you can find the best fit for your vehicle. Whether you require tires for everyday use or off-roading, know we’ll have what you’re looking for.

Interested in our selection? Want to see what’s available for your vehicle? Give us a call at 417-494-5005 and chat with our team. If you’d like to see what we have in person, don’t hesitate to visit our shop on 1270 N. Robin Street, as our team is always available to help you! We can’t wait to help find the perfect set for your vehicle.

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