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Only The Best For Your Diesel Vehicle

Like any gasoline-powered vehicle, diesel vehicles require regular repair & maintenance to perform at their best. Although diesel vehicles have a reputation for less maintenance compared to their gasoline counterparts, it’s still important that you have them serviced, and that’s where D6 Diesel Tech & Tire can help.

Located in Nixa, Missouri, our shop is uniquely designed with the diesel vehicle in mind. Our technicians utilize specific tools, components, and service practices meant for your diesel vehicle. We make sure that all our services are performed specifically for diesel engines, so whether you need the fuel filter cleaned or the oil changed, know that your vehicle is receiving services engineered explicitly for its design. We know that when you visit us for service, we can bring the very best out of your diesel vehicle.

What Is Diesel Repair?

Although it’s safe to assume that diesel repair is significantly different than the regular repairs one may experience with a gasoline engine, the truth is that they aren’t too far apart. Like regular auto repair, diesel repair follows the process of inspecting, repairing, and maintaining vehicles with diesel engines.

Outside of the fuel type, another significant difference between diesel repairs and gasoline repairs is that diesel engines tend to last a lot longer. This leads to less maintenance, repairs, and costs, but it doesn’t mean that service should be completely ignored. Here are some tasks that you still need to have done to get the best out of your diesel vehicle:

  • Checking the oil

  • Regular oil changes

  • Clean the fuel filter

  • Change air filter

Although this doesn’t encompass all the maintenance tasks required to maintain quality performance from your vehicle, doing these items is an excellent start to bringing the best version of your diesel vehicle to life!

We’re Ready to Help You

If your diesel vehicle has fallen into a state of disrepair, or if it needs simple maintenance, you can’t have it go through a service meant for gasoline vehicles. It needs services designed for diesel engines, and that’s where D6 Automotive Tech & Tire can help. Our shop in Nixa, Missouri is properly equipped to meet every need your diesel vehicle may have. Our technicians utilize specialized tools and practices just for your diesel vehicle, so take comfort knowing that it’s going through the needed services to perform at its best.

Want to schedule an appointment? Have questions about our services and processes? Give us a call at and chat with one of our service advisors today! We accept walk-in customers, so feel free to visit us at a time that’s convenient for you. Our shop is located on 1270 N. Robin Street, and we can’t wait to help bring the best out of your diesel vehicle.